Choosing Team Lanyards


September heralds the autumn and the football season, a great time to sport your team lanyards. But outside of that there doesn’t seem to be much to celebrate. Or is there? Actually, September has some odd commemorations that shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten, even if they aren’t that celebrated. Read more here.

Since it’s football season, one might want to observe National Beheading Day, especially when our team or college just doesn’t deliver a good starting record. But it is held on September 2, so it might be a bit premature. Nobody knows how this pseudo-holiday came into being, but it’s in the books, and many historians have lost their heads trying to find its origins.

Before that, the first day of September gives us Emma M. Nutt Day. She was the first woman telephone operator in America. Why is this important, beyond any sexist jokes floating around? Good question, especially since telephone operators have long been replaced by automation in our technology age. Then again, the next day the country celebrates all those who had their heads cut off….

So we might as well go with the proverbial flow.

Things get stranger, because on September 8, we celebrate National Pardon Day. I mean, it’s a bit late when National Beheading Day was a week earlier. It could have saved a lot of lives! The truth is that this is a day when manners are to be observed, so make sure you go around saying “pardon me” and “excuse me” a lot.

Another latecomer in September happens on the 13th, when Blame Someone Else Day is held. That also would have worked before National Beheading Day. This celebration should actually be held on the first day of the year, when so many people break their New Year’s resolutions and need a scapegoat. Beyond this, I’m starting to think that September holidays were orchestrated by executioners (who, like telephone operators, are these days out of work).

And you certainly have to wonder about the wisdom of holiday picking in September, when there are such contradictions as Defy Superstition Day and Fortune Cookie Day, both held on the 13th. Which way to do you go? And what happens if the 13th falls on a Friday? All of this would make someone lose their heads or call someone who would listen to their problems. Maybe the executioners and telephone operators wanted this to happen, as they sit around with nothing to do but collect unemployment checks.

But there are later holidays in September that might help the trauma of these bizarre holidays. On September 16, there is Collect Rocks Day. There is no such thing as too many pet rocks, and at least they will listen to our problems. And with National Cheeseburger Day on the 18th everything gets better. The next day is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, which should completely alleviate any problems, unless of course it’s against the law, and then the unemployed executioners will be very happy.

Animals are certainly honored in September, like on September 22 with National Elephant Day. It’s obviously worked, since one rarely sees stray elephants roaming the streets of America. September 23 gives us Dogs In Politics Day. Okay, it’s really not about canines, but politicians (I’m sure you’re not surprised). And it’s no surprise also that the day has to do with Richard Nixon and his shenanigans.

With all these celebrations, you might forget about football, as well as be thankful your head is on your shoulders and smartphones make communication easy. But if that doesn’t happen, then at least forget about all of this and maybe focus on ordering your team lanyards.

Band Lanyards and Rock Movie Legends

There are some of us who are fanatic about rock music, so much we even have our own cool band lanyards. We even worn them during band practice in high school (while loving making music for our school, of course!). There are so many dimensions to rock music, and the movies many rock stars made are certainly part of our imaginative topic and discussion circles. Read more here.

What are the best and worst movies from rock bands is certainly a thriving argument.

We might as well start with the bad news. Let’s face it—there’s a lot of really bad rock star movies, probably more than the good ones.

Likely the worst might to be “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band.” This terrible flick is an eternal enigma, starting with the fact that it’s based on the music of The Beatles. Furthermore, it stars musicians that were at their height in the late ‘70s: The Bee Gees, Peter Frampton, Aerosmith, and Earth, Wind and Fire. On paper, it seems like a slam dunk, but what entertainment history got was something that just didn’t work. More than that, it stunk to high heaven.

After this fiasco, there are many contenders for the worst rock star movie. “Can’t Stop the Music” is certainly one, but that’s not surprising since it starred the Village People and Bruce Jenner. “Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Opera” is just as bad, but then again being campy and flashy were two of Kiss’s keynotes.

But the 1970s rock star film debacles are almost overshadowed by more modern disasters, like Mariah Carey in “Glitter” and Kelly Clarkson in “From Justin to Kelly.” There are many more bombs in between, and unfortunately more will likely come in the future.

But what about the best?

That’s a hard one, but for this honor The Beatles should be brought in, this time actually appearing in their own film, back in the 1960s. “A Hard Days” is largely regarded as one of the best, if not groundbreaking rock star movies. The film was funny, and the music was incredible. Perhaps just as lauded would be Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock.”

Many critics consider “The Last Waltz” as rock music’s ultimate expression in film. It was directed by Martin Scorsese, taking a break from mobster and historical epics. This made the film almost perfect, and it was the perfect stage for a sterling gathering of rock stars: The Band, Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young, Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and many others. Like the ventures of The Beatles and Elvis Presley, this movie still seems fresh and full of life.

In the same vein of a live, documentary-style film, one would also have to mention “Stop Making Sense,” when the Talking Heads reached their pinnacle in so many ways. It certainly helped that the film was directed by Jonathan Demme, the brilliant director who gave the world “The Silence of the Lambs.” No humans were eaten during this rock film, for the record.

After these mentions, there are a lot of rock star movies that are memorable, and many blur the line between fiction and reality, even if many of these stars’ very lives blur the lines between fiction and reality. An example is “The Wall,” a rock opera which seems to be based on one of the members of Pink Floyd. Yet not a single member of the group appeared in the movie. But that happens when media collide, or when rock music explodes across different media.

All of this is what makes discussion on rock music so darn fascinating. And why such seemingly mundane items as band lanyards take on special meaning for so many of us!

ID Badge Holders Provide An Important Service

ID Badge Holders — Still A Force To Be Reckoned With

ID badge holders provide a very important service to society, unless one likes getting rejected from work buildings and other sensitive places because of a misplaced proof of identity. Physical identification and their storing objects will always remain in a mobile society, but there is a new form of identification that is gaining prominence as well as controversy — biometrics.

Biometrics sounds like science fiction, and most people have actually witnessed it in movies or read it in books, but it’s already in the present. What biometrics means is that instead of carrying ID around a part of the body, the actual human body becomes the ID (or as will be mentioned, the entire body is an ID).

Many tech companies and high-level government agencies are already using biometrics, mostly with fingerprint technology and retina scans. Many personal computers come with fingerprint identification, and there are rumors that the next iPhone will also use this. Voice recognition is also on the rise with consumers.

One aspect of biometrics that has already failed is that of face recognition. Believe it or not, with the right algorithms, cameras, and databases, there are computers that can recognize an individual’s face. This form of ID doesn’t fail even when elements of a person’s face are altered, such as growing bears or wearing sunglasses.

Yet face recognition, so far, has been widely resisted in a culture paranoid about their paranoid government bodies. For example, Facebook attempted to use face recognition technology, making a user’s profile picture a form of identification when entering certain commercial establishments. The project was quickly rejected, and face recognition technology in the upcoming Google Glass has been generally blasted by the public.

Where biometrics also gets a bit creepy is smell recognition technology. That is not a typo. There is currently ample research on smell recognition technology. It doesn’t matter how many showers or perfume baths a person takes. Just like with face recognition technology, the right computer can detect anyone’s unique body odor. A person’s smell is not something anyone wants broadcast when they enter a store or government facility (or how it’s categorized!)

But of course biometrics is only really a touchy (and smelly) issue when it comes to privacy. A fingerprint or retina scan has been generally accepted for such personal objects as computers or future smartphones, as mentioned. There have even been prototype cars that only turn on when it recognizes an owner’s unique body part, and that would certainly cut down automobile theft.

A useful and private form of biometrics might be that of using radio frequency identification technology (RFID). With RFID technology, a person can temporarily store his or her body shape for personal use, such as in a home security system. Furthermore, with RFID, people can store, reprogram, or discard their body information, much in the same vein as a computer password.

Of course, nothing is 100% safe. Abuse will always happen, just as often as governments abuse power and criminals find ways around safeguards. On the other hand, a person’s body is the one form of identification that never gets lost, is always accurate, and is almost impossible to replicate (yes, it’s done in movies, but right now only in movies). Furthermore, biometrics has been around for a long time. Since the 19th century, fingertips have been used as form of identification, with even Charles Darwin creating his own system.

Perhaps the middle ground is choice. Certain people should be able to choose biometrics, while others can continue to use cards and other forms of physical identification. Considering society’s passion for privacy, it looks like ID badge holders will continue to have a hallowed place in getting into workplaces and other busy areas.

The Power of Customizable Lanyards

Making vs. Marketing: The Power of Customizable Lanyards

When planning for a conference, kids’ camp, or other adventure, it’s very easy to cut the marketing component of a budget if you’re short on money. Little things like t-shirts, lanyards and other giveaways easily get the axe. “Can’t I just make this?” you ask. T-shirts maybe, but lanyards… that’s time consuming. Wikipedia will show you how to make a lanyard in 22 steps. Still, your brand or logo is nowhere in sight. In those immortal words, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Cost Comparison

Keep in mind that if you’re making your own lanyards, you will have to purchase the string and clasps separately. You will have to set aside the time to actually put them together and most likely, not be able to personalize them. If you choose to add your brand, someone will have to screen print that separately for you, or you’ll spend what feels like forever ironing it on yourself.  For as little as $0.58 each, you can just order woven lanyards already put together and customized. If efficiency is your goal, this is a far better option without straining your budget at all.

Leaving Your Mark

Cost shouldn’t be your only concern. Legacy is just as important. Personalized lanyards are visible and necessary. When asking yourself how to make a lanyard, make sure you consider the best way to advertise your company. During your camp or conference, lanyards are the very things that create a long lasting identity for your brand. They become souvenirs and advertisements for your company for months to come. How many times have you gotten in someone’s car and seen one hanging from the rear view mirror? People re-use them to showcase their employee ID, or perhaps to secure their keys.

When it comes down to it, easy-to-order, customizable lanyards top homemade lanyards every time. Don’t spend all of your productivity and energy on something we can help you with for little to nothing out of your pocket. Visit to view samples of all we have to offer. Using our state-of-the-art printing process, we make long-lasting lanyards that are detailed and distinct. Just fill out our no-obligation free quote form and we’ll send you a custom design proof and quote form, straight to your inbox. If you have any questions, call us toll free at 1-866-289-8828, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm., ET. Or email: We will help you provide a worry-free, quality product for your conference or camp participants!

Wholesale Lanyards at Bargain Prices

Wholesale Lanyards 

Wholesale buying usually equates to bargain prices for businesses that want to distribute or resell the items they purchase. There’s a lot to consider when you buy large quantities of an item. You want to be sure you’re buying the right product – else you’ll end up with a big batch of blunders.

Wholesale lanyards from The Lanyard Factory are quality products at competitive wholesale prices. If you want a lot of lanyards to give away at trade shows or for the employees in your factories and warehouses to wear, it’s a great, economical way to go.

But not everything is better in bulk. In the spirit of saving you money, we’ve compiled a list of items you should rethink buying in mass amounts…

Perishable Items – Fruit, for example. Unless you plan to host a fruit pie bake-off, there’s really no reason to buy fruit in bulk. What’s more, many items people believe have a long shelf life actually perish quickly. Among the products experts recommend buying in small quantities include:

  • Brown rice – Because brown rice still has the germ attached, it is both healthier than the white variety and swifter to spoil. If you’re a rice lover, remember that brown rice is a better alternative to white, but will not last as long in your pantry.
  • Spices – Those little jars of spices sure are cute – and pricey. So why not buy the bulk container? The truth is, unless you cook with heaps of herbs and spices, large quantities will surely go to waste before you can use them. That’s because spices lose their potency and need refreshing about every six months. Restaurant owners are really the only people who benefit from bulk spices.
  • Cooking Oil – Who knew that cooking oil had an expiration date? Those gallon jugs of oil are only going to last a few months (from 1 to 3, to be exact), so stay away unless you plan to deep fry a few turkeys.
  • Bleach – This pungent, all-purpose product is useful in many ways. Still, bleach only lasts for about six months, so be mindful when those gallon jugs go on sale.
  • Nuts – Munch them as a snack, add them to your recipes, or bring them out for guests. But don’t expect nuts to stay fresh for longer than 4 months. Their high oil content means they’ll spoil sooner than you thought.
  • Any Product You’ve Not Previously Tried–Trying out new products and brands is fine, especially when there’s a sale, but sampling and stockpiling are entirely different things. It’s smartest to buy only what you’re sure you will use.
  • Products That are Difficult to Store – when space is limited, purchasing items that pose storage problems is a no-no. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people see a great bargain and forget about the bulk of the item and the potential storage problems that may arise. When your eyes are bigger than your storage space, that super-ply TP is not really a steal.

Wholesale Lanyards – No Bulk Buyer’s Remorse

When you buy wholesale lanyards from The Lanyard Factory, you can be sure you’ll never suffer bulk buyer’s remorse. Our lanyards are long-wearing, functional, and fashionable. They’re a breeze to sell or give away. Since everyone has stuff to carry, lanyards are always useful – unlike some budget buys.


Custom Lanyards Most Popular Neckwear

Custom Lanyards

Behind the necklace and the necktie, custom lanyards are quite possibly the most popular neckwear in the world. You see them in schools, airports, medical facilities, at conventions, and corporate functions — just about everywhere, In fact.

Why are lanyards so common? Because no matter who you are or what your occupation, it’s likely you have keys to carry and other small items and gadgets to tote. Wherever there’s a risk for lost items, there’s a lanyard to keep them safe.

Convenience is King

Lanyards have been with us for centuries, since they carried swords and pistols for soldiers, and pulled and tightened the riggings on sea vessels. Although their function has evolved, our need for lanyards remains. Modern lanyards have endless uses, and have nearly become a necessity in our fast-moving society where convenience is king.

The Cast of Cool Products

Ask any lanyard lover and they’ll tell you lanyards are so great that they’re rated among the top convenience products. In this cast of cool products that make life easier, so also exists…

Cell Phones – It hardly seems possible that life existed before the cellular phone. Some might say we weren’t really living then. With so many people struck with the cell-in-hand syndrome, one wonders what we did with two free hands – seems a waste of a limb, doesn’t it? And without our cell phones, how did we take random ridiculous pictures, navigate the city, and post pressing information on social media sites? It boggles the mind.    

Microwave oven – It’s possibly the most efficient appliance in any kitchen. The countertop microwave oven became available in 1967. Since then, many meals have been quickly and effortlessly prepared in these magnificent little machines. Were it not for the microwave oven, many unskilled cooks might have gone hungry or surrendered to the stove for their culinary chores – imagine that!

Remote Control – The television remote control is a critical part of the television viewing experience. Without the remote, people would be forced to rise from their seats and make the 5-feet-or-better journey to their televisions to manually adjust the volume and change channels or various settings – a task that’s almost too big to bear. How then could we channel surf? One thing is certain – many people would need a new device to monopolize.

Like all of the above commodities, lanyards make life easier every day. And for marketing purposes, custom lanyards are great tools for branding. With the addition of a company logo or slogan, a simple lanyard becomes a highly visible advertising tool. The best part? Lanyards are easy to personalize.

Custom Lanyards—A Cinch to Order!  

Simply fill out our no obligation quote form, Call us directly at toll free 1-866-289-8828, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET.  Or email:

Get custom lanyards for all your friends, employees and clients. Because like their counterparts in cool, lanyards make life a whole lot easier!

Lanyards for Keys

Key Lanyards

Who hasn’t endured the morning scramble to find lost keys? What’s worse is the half-blind search for eyeglasses – only to find them firmly planted on your head. Key lanyards help make key-scrambling a thing of the past. And don’t worry, we have attachments to help you hold your eyewear, too!

The Lanyard-less Key – A Regrettable Reality

The use of locks and keys is historic, with the first all-metal lock appearing between the years 870 and 900. Perhaps it’s because people have always felt the need to protect their personal items. Lanyards too have been in circulation for centuries. And while both have been with us all our lives, the problem of key loss remains, prompting the question — how much time will the average person waste looking for lost keys before he or she decides to use a key lanyard?

The Lanyard Factory cannot answer that question. We only know that countless keys around the world remain lanyard-less. And until every key and lanyard unite at last, the key-scramble remains a regrettable reality.

Lanyard and Key Unite! 

The Lanyard Factory wants to make a lanyard and key connection. And we’re not partial to keys. We connect cell phones, ID badges, sunglasses, flash drives and more. It’s our mission to link commonly lost gadgets to high-quality lanyards. And in this way, we believe we can decrease employee tardiness, reduce road rage, and make the world a less-hurried place. And isn’t that what we all want?

The Lanyard Factory – Buy ‘em From the Best!   

The Lanyard Factory has been making top-quality lanyards at competitive prices for years. We offer an array of customizing options for your creative pleasure. And because we use a state-of-the-art printing process, our long-wearing lanyards are detailed and distinct. Just fill out our no-obligation free quote form and we’ll send you a custom design proof and quote form, fast! Questions? Call us toll free at 1-866-289-8828, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm., ET. Or email:

Order your key lanyards from The Lanyard Factory, and help the cause of connecting lost keys to lonely lanyards worldwide!

Marketing with Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards as a Marketing Tool

There’s good reason custom lanyards are a marketing mainstay. They’re as necessary as your purse or pocket. Without lanyards, people all over the planet would be left searching for lost keys, ID badges, sunglasses, cameras and other essential items. When you consider a lanyard-less world, your only option is to sing the praises of our corded companions.

Lanyard-Less World, a Disaster of Doomsday Proportions

In the 15th century, lanyards saved men from the fate of lost swords, pistols, whistles and other tools. In those days, the sturdy straps were fastened to the wrists or worn around the necks of soldiers. They kept weapons handy in the heat of battle. And while today’s lanyards aren’t holding military hardware, they do keep track of our smartphones and important gadgets – and without those, there’d be similar chaos.

Custom Lanyard – A Marketing Mainstay 

Every savvy marketer know the power of branding. Depending on your business, finding prospects may be a perpetual process. Because every customer wants to feel appreciated, giveaways are a great way to encourage loyalty while simultaneously reinforcing your business name and mission. Custom lanyards can positively influence your target audience. They’re a phenomenal tool in the marketer’s arsenal – and one that can shape your business for the better!

Custom Lanyards – Creation’s a Cinch!

With so many customizing options, The Lanyard Factory makes lanyard creation a cinch. Using our state-of-the-art printing process, we make long-wearing lanyards that are detailed and distinct. Just fill out our no-obligation free quote form and we’ll send you a custom design proof and quote form, straight to your inbox. If you have any questions, call us toll free at 1-866-289-8828, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm., ET. Or email:

The Lanyard Factory offers high quality, inexpensive custom lanyards. We make it easy for you to send a message to the key-carrying world!

Cheap Lanyards…Price NOT Quality

Cheap Lanyards

Cheap lanyards are the answer to many questions. including, “How can I securely keep my badge, keys and other gadgets handy?” and “How can I cost-effectively boost my brand?” Lanyards are the gems of promotional products, if gems were inexpensive and versatile, that is. Everyone wants a lanyard because they’re practical everyday items that double as hot accessories.

When Cheap Means Smart  

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Other times. you pay too much. When you order cheap lanyards from The Lanyard Factory, however, you do neither. Because we provide the basic elements that make your buying experience a success – excellent customer service, top-notch products and low prices. With this winning combination, you’ll never suffer buyer’s remorse.

When Cheap Means Cool & Custom

Cheap lanyards do not have to be dull and ordinary. They can be cool and customized! The Lanyard Factory offers hosts of options for the lanyard buyer who believes, as we do, that it’s all about the little things. Whether they’re bold or classic, your lanyards can represent your company in style. Lanyards tell the world that you’re thoughtful and professional. You know what people want and you give it away gracefully. There’s no better way to market than with cheap lanyards from The Lanyard Factory.

Need a promotional product for a fundraising event? Try cheap lanyards. The low price tag gives you the profit margin you need to maximize your efforts and make you a victor.

The Lanyard Factory Makes Buying a Breeze

Buying is a breeze when you shop with the Lanyard Factory. Simply fill out our no-obligation free quote from and we’ll send you a digital art proof and price quote by email. Confirm your order, and we’ll produce and ship your merchandise in a flash. What’s more, we’ll send it straight to your door via FedEx air – Free!

In terms of dollars and cents, cheap lanyards make sense when you buy from The Lanyard Factory!

Branding with Personalized Lanyards

Personalized Lanyards

How do you simply and discreetly promote your brand? Give your potential clients, employees and others a gift: personalized lanyards. Unlike T-shirts or jackets, lanyards are a one-size-fits-all product that everyone appreciates.

Anyone who owns a set of keys, a camera, USB flash drive or badge that needs carrying can use a lanyard to do the lifting. What’s more, lanyards can be worn daily – T-shirts, not so much. These handy accessories are a cinch to give away and because they’re economical, you won’t mind doing so.

Personalized Lanyards – When Personalizing Pays

Personalized lanyards are a powerful marketing tool. Charities and organizations all over the world have found that through the sale of lanyards, they can maximize their fundraising efforts. Since lanyards carry a low price tag, they can be bought and resold for next to nothing, allowing fundraisers to quickly and easily turn a profit for their cause.

Oh, the Options!

Choose the lowest-priced tubular type or the still economical and more popular polyester kind. How about woven lanyards, dye sublimated or even our newest variety of corded style lanyards? When you buy personalized lanyards, you have a host of options. Choose you colors, fabrics and customize them with your logo, contact information or personal statement. Whatever your message, spread it in style on a personalized lanyard.

Easy Ordering With The Lanyard Factory!

The Lanyard Factory makes it easy to get your personalized lanyards. Simply fill out our no obligation free quote from and we’ll send you your free digital art proof and price quote in a flash. Questions? Call us toll free at 1-866-289-8828, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET. Or, contact us by email at

So how do your carry your keys, keep your badges and gadgets close by while boosting your brand simultaneously? You buy personalized lanyards from The Lanyard Factory—because T-shirts can’t do that!